7770 Whitmore Lake Road Brighton MI 48116 Gathering TImes: Sunday Morning: 10:00 AM - Wednesday: 7:00 PM

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) – FALL 2017

ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) is held at BAG on Sundays from 9:00 – 9:50 am. Each quarter new classes are offered for adults that span a wide array of interests and topics. Discussion and dialogue are key components of these classes as people connect with one another and are encouraged to apply Biblical principles to their lives. Join us! Stop by the cafe for a cup of coffee on your way to class.

‘Cross-Generational Ministry’ – Pastor Mark Monte, Room 204

Cross-Generational Ministry is a class designed to help believers understand how people of all ages can better worship, teach, and evangelize together. Age creates natural cultural barriers that can make it difficult for Christians from different generations to dwell in unity. The statistics regarding church splits and closures because of generationally based issues are staggering. For intergenerational congregations to function healthily, they have to turn to God’s Word for wisdom and instruction. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this class.

 ‘Discover Membership & Ministry’ – Rhonda Trask & Kathleen Heger, Room 207

This fall, during the ABF hour, Discover Membership & Ministry classes will be offered. The membership segment of the class will run from September 17 – October 29.  Individuals can attend on these dates to gain an increased understanding of the core values, beliefs, and history of Brighton Assembly of God (BAG) and the Assemblies of God (becoming a member of BAG is optional).  Additionally, individuals interested in serving at BAG are required to be a part of the ministry segment starting November 5 – 26, focusing on the vision and mission of BAG.  The goal of this portion of the class will be to share models, experiences, and provide a context for ministry that creates culture so that as we partner in ministry, both inside and outside the four walls of BAG, we live to serve God and others.