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MARE (michigan adoption resource exchange)

Emily MARE and AUSK (2)

Emily C09255

Emily is a young lady with musical ability and physical agility. She has a good voice, loves singing and enjoys participating in her school’s choir class. Emily is good at gymnastics and wants to take a class in it someday. She loves playing outside and enjoys climbing trees. Emily recently learned how to ride horses, which is one reason why she hopes to live on a farm. She also loves animals. Emily’s favorite activities include listening to music and playing with Barbie dolls. When she’s asked to describe herself, Emily says she’s friendly and has a good memory. Her worker adds, “Emily is a resilient young lady.” Even so, she could use the stability of a forever family, preferably one “with lots of animals,” she says.


Haven C08804

When Haven decides to “take the plunge,” it has nothing to do with marriage or careers, at least not yet. Haven loves swimming. As a matter of fact, he dreams of joining his school’s swim team. “He enjoys playing sports in general,” says Haven’s worker, and he especially likes basketball. “He loves to play basketball and show off his skills with anyone who will take him on in one on one,” the worker says. In addition to his aquatic aspirations, Haven has some modest goals. He wants to visit Texas because “it is nice there.” When he’s an adult, Haven simply wants to “be a nice person.” With his forever family, Haven wants to do his favorite activities as well as attend church. His other interests seem pretty modest as well. He likes all foods, all colors, all animals and all holidays. He enjoys playing games – the board as well as video variety – after school and on weekends. One of Haven’s biggest strengths is his ability to bring smiles to people’s faces. “Haven has a good sense of humor and is always joking around with others,” says his worker. “Haven is good at making people laugh. He loves to play friendly jokes on people when he gets to know them.” When he’s asked about the qualities he wants in a future forever family, Haven says he simply wants one who’s “nice and kind.”

Kathlene-ReneeAleisa (2)

Kathlene C09010

Katy, as Kathlene likes to be called, is waiting for someone to make her “Over the Rainbow” dreams come true. “Katy believes that there are people ‘somewhere out there’ who love her though she has not met them yet,” says one of her workers. Katy has wished upon a star and tried her best to put the clouds behind her. “To no fault of her own,” the worker says, “Katy’s life experiences have made it difficult to build meaningful and lasting relationships. Despite these challenges, Katy has overcome many obstacles.” If Katy has any memorable moments like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz,” they come during the holidays that she likes to celebrate the most: Christmas and Valentine’s Day. She enjoys celebrating them by being with friends and family. However, unlike Dorothy and Toto the dog, Katy’s favorite animal is the red panda. Some of her other favorite things include cookie dough for food and red and blue for color. “When she finds a good book, she enjoys reading,” the worker says. It should be no surprise then that her favorite subject in school is English language arts. Katy also enjoys listening to music, going on walks and playing with stuffed animals. This young girl’s dreams not only include becoming part of a family again but also traveling to Fiji because, in her words, “it’s nice there.” Even though Katy doesn’t know what she wants to be as an adult, she does know what she takes the most pride in now. “My life,” she says.